Nov 9, 2009

out with the old, in with the new

New things that have happened since I blogged last. I will sum it up short and sweet- to follow after some pictures...

New house. love it.
Baby coming in April. love it.
Baby's gender being a suprize. excited!
Peeing a little every time I sneeze. hate it.embarassing.
Morning sickness. came on strong, now finally leaving some. greatful.
Feeling more confident at work. relieved.
New friends now becoming good friends. answer to pray.
Pebbles, the 2nd dog we rescued. annoying.
Ryder sleeping in a big boy bed. unsure.
Difficult time keeping Ryder in bed. challenge.
2 year old temper tantrums. awful.
Ryder talking alllll the time. fun.
feeling extremely groggy all the time. thank you night shift. hate it.
Never really seeing my husband. sad, hate it.
Desperately need a vacation. struggling.
Feeling the baby move. priceless.
Ryder biting a chunk out of his tongue. scary.
Going with Jeremiah to sono on wednesday to see the baby. oh so exciting!
Thats all for this time.

Jun 16, 2009

Dr. Ryder Phillips

I love the sound of that! Although we will encourage and support Ryder in whatever the Lord leads him to be, you have to admit, the stethescope looks really cute on him =). And the t-shirt/no pants look does too (hehe)

I was listening to his lung sounds the other day and he decided he needed to check a few things out for himself.
Who: Dr. Ryder Phillips
Subjects: Buddy bear and the couch
Findings: a very sweet, calm and patient dog and a couch without a heart beat (who'd a thunk?)
Thank you Jesus for blessing us with such a wonderful son. He is such a joy and brings so many smiles and so much laughter into our life. Could not imagine life without him. He has a delightful, creative, kind and punky spirt who truely loves life and everyone around him. We love you Ryder.

May 26, 2009

mound of pillows!

I was sitting on the floor drying my hair today when I looked up and saw Ryder dragging our couch pillows around the living room. Keep in mind these pillows are about his size and pretty heavy for him. I didnt say anything so as to not distract him. He was working pretty hard at moving them all and I was curious what his little 1 year old mind was about to create. He tried to stack them, moved them to a couple different sides of the room then ended up spreading them out right next to the couch. Poor little guy, broke a sweat and everything. It was so cute. The couch was the launch pad and the pillows were the soft landing =)

The parking spot:

little boy to big boy

This last week (may 17-23) has been a big for my little Rydes. Monday night Jeremiah cut Ryders passy and told him it was broken.

One of the broken nassy's

Ryder would try to put it in his mouth and it would fall right out. He would say "nassy. It broken". It was supper sad to watch. Those first 2 nights were rough b/c he would ask for it. By wednesday he wanted nothing to do with the broken "nassy" but was having trouble figuring out how to calm down and relax to fall asleep. Now, I think he has it figured out, or well is on the right track. Sometimes I wish we still had it for in the car though. Oh man, nothing gets on my nerves more then listening to him whine/wimper in the back seat.

Then on Saturday while I was sleeping Jeremiah took down one of the sides of Ryders crib and made it the toddler bed. I was not exactly for this step but not totally against it either. He wasnt crawling out of his crib yet and it was still confining him. My husbands rational: If I fall asleep on the couch while he is asleep, when he gets up he can just come get me. *enter Kristina sighing and slightly rolling my eyes*. ummmm, riiiight. more like he will be woken up by Ryder falling off something or breaking something or by a loud noise of him getting into something while YOU ARE SLEEPING! geez.

Well, thank goodness. Once he is put in bed, he doenst get up and when he wakes up he usually lays there talking to himself, yelling "mooooommmmy daaadddddy", or cries but wont get out of bed.... yet. But at least once usually twice during the night we will wake up to a little thud, followed by a cry of him falling out of bed. I chuckle a little to myself. Shutup-its funny. Other than that he is doing great!!!

My sweet pumpkin sleeping soundly in his big boy bed =)

Apr 24, 2009

cell phone

I dont talk on my phone a lot around Ryder, mainly b/c he wont let me but, I guess he has seen me on it enough... we have like 10 videos like this of him walking around having little conversations. Its so cute! My favorite is how he pretends to answer. He gets distracted easliy too =)

Dancing or jumping?

This first video was from Easter this year. He LOVES him some veggie tales! He's in his diaper b/c we just finished coloring eggs... and he still looks like a baby and not such a kid =)

This second video Jeremiah took one night while I was at work. He loves to dance, or well, wiggle when american idol is on. OH he cracks me up.

Our conversations lately: (this one will happen within a minutes time... ALL day long)

Ry: whats that mommy?

me: a pillow

Ry: whats that mommy?

me: the letter A

Ry: whats that mommy?

me: A freckle

Ry: whats that mommy?

me: another freckle

Ry: whats that mommy?

me: mommys arm

Ry: whats that mommy?

me: Rain

Ry: WHOAHAH whats that mommy?

me: thunder

Ry: whats that mommy?

me: a piece of dirt

Ry: whats that mommy?

me: mommy's eye

Ry: whats that mommy?

me: ok Ryder bear, mommy is done with questions!. I tickle him we wrestle on the floor...seconds later

Ry: whats that mommy?

me: (looking at another freckle on my arm) Ryder, its a freckle.

I think he just likes to hear himself talk. Im convienced he really isnt paying attention. Or maybe his is, just has poor memory recall like his mommy. =)

Apr 6, 2009

lifes adventures

Sorry, its been a while. Haven't felt much like blogging lately. I posted most of the new pictures on facebook... I have a few new cute ones. Work has been good. I cant believe Ive been there almost a year. Its true what everyone said, "give it a year before you begin to feel a little more confident." I definately still have a ways to go but with "normal" Im doing great. Throw in some complicated stuff and I can handle it but it still throws me for a loop. With in the last week 2 friends of mine have had babies at work. One, a friend from a church we used to go to and the other a dear friend who is one of our L&D nurses (we started the same time) It was so much fun going through that with the last one. She called up there a few times during the night to talk to me b/c she wasnt sure she was in labor.... she was and now a beautiful miss Kaylie is here! Sorry, I dont have a picture of her. We went up to see her yesterday after church. Ryder was all about that baby. "hi baby, baby", "hi baby" was all he would say while he looked at her, and patted her and gave her kisses. It was adorable. Soon Ryder, Soon you will be a big brother... in like a year or so!
Ryder is growing so much these days. Its fun watching him learn things. Its even more fun watching and listening to him when he doesnt know that I am and listening to him regurgitate everthing Jeremiah and I say. Its hilarious!!!!! Although, sometimes I would really like to sit him on the patio and leave him for a while. He is definately turning into a 2 year old. We had our first in store throw himself flat on the floor screaming tantrum in Target yesterday. VERY embarassing. He is becomming more and more difficult to take places lately. Sit down??? Hold still?? Eat your dinner??? what does that mean. lots of "Ryder, No No's" happening. sigh, wears me out! But on a better note, the other day I was getting some diapers out of his room when all of a sudden he is hugging and patting my leg saying "wuve you" then runs out. Oh I almost cried. It was so sweet. He really is a fun kid!

a few picutres:

Jeremiah and I on my birthday at Stonebriar waiting for our movie to start watching the little kids ice scate. =)

Ryder having a blast in poppy's shoes.

My mom and Ryder playing at the mall
Gotta touch and play in that water =)
My boys restling on the couch.